Becoming a Pioneer in Customer-Oriented Home Building Brand and a New Face of the Indonesian Property Sector

Client: Araya Year: 2021

Developing a business model based on the value of living, please welcome Araya, a strategic planner in literacy-based residential development.

The dynamics of the Indonesian property sector inspired the creation of Araya, initially a project-based business that offered luxury home renovation services. With Araya's unique background combined with the industry's potential, we translated the founder's idea to turn Araya into a home-building consultant business with a new customer-centric model. Providing a new approach to the residential concept based on the value of living is an ambitious goal, starting from the Surabaya area and its surroundings.

Generating progressive, competitive, and sustainable business ideas in the home-building sector.

The challenge faced by Araya when entering the property business was changing the mindset of the market. Basicludo then helped in mapping out said challenges by providing intensive assistance - workshops and collaborative work processes. From here, we attempted to answer these challenges by turning Araya's business into a business model that is ready to be executed.

In preparing a new business model, we mapped out concepts, conducted case studies, compiled a business blueprint and brand building, and prepared an activation campaign strategy to prepare Araya in becoming a pioneer of home-building brands in Indonesia. During this mentoring process, we later saw that Araya's initial idea to offer luxury home renovation and home-building services was not enough to answer the market's needs. There is a gap in the process, namely the discussion regarding the value of living before the construction or home renovation stages. This step is commonly skipped by the majority of developers in Indonesia.

This challenge actually became a business opportunity for Araya in changing the market's mindset; From previously only wanting to buy a house, to understanding the concept of the house they want to build. Everyone's dream house is different, and this is where Araya's comes in to bring their dreams to life.

An integrated residential provider and consultant who understands the need for a dream home.

To fill the gap that is glossed over by many competitors, we need to take a closer look at Araya's business ideas. For that, we provided intensive assistance through workshops. Using Brand Intensive Methodology, we developed Araya's business model that focuses on three main factors, namely developers, customers, and experts. These three pillars support Araya's business concept as a home-building strategic planner. However, we do not stop there, we also see the "value of living" as an important foundation for customers before building their dream home. Points this is the difference between Araya and other property business players.

As a strategic planner, Araya's task is to define, organize, and provide direction to all parties involved to realize the customer's dream based on their value of living. Thus, the planning offered by Araya is not only limited to construction planning, but also integrates various aspects to create a home based on the owner's value of living.

Through this process, the transformation begins with the development of the key market and public insights about value-of-living housing. Therefore, we consider the literacy process as the key for Araya to offer its style of residential insights to the target market.

The success of defining a business model can ignite Araya's readiness for a real business journey.

Basicludo and the Araya team obtained interesting findings during the collaborative work process. In fact, there have not been many property businesses that have been oriented towards literacy. This is why Araya with its business concept and model is able to become the first home-building strategic planner in Indonesia that emphasizes property literacy.

The process of converting business ideas into a very comprehensive business model makes Araya ready to fully enter the market. This process makes Araya become observant to see the business opportunities that lie in front. A good first step towards the point of success, as a brand should prepare itself even from square one.

Araya also made measurable steps from the start. These well-organized ideas, concepts, and business models make Araya ready to run its business in a targeted manner. Hopefully once activated, Araya will also bring down other points in its business into the planning, that stick to the concept of literacy-based business model and brand.

Becoming the first requires not only bright ideas, but also strategic partners and transformative processes.