From Publication to Interaction: Strategic Transformation of the DJPPR of the Indonesian Ministry of Finance.

Shifting to narrative-based communication marks a new era for the financial public sector in building humane and interactive relations.

The Directorate General of Financing and Risk Management (DJPPR) of the Indonesian Ministry of Finance holds a role to formulates and to implements policy in the area of budget financing and risk management. DJPPR's public communication activities through various touchpoints. However, the public perception of DJPPR does not fully resemble the reality. For that, since 2018, basicludo presented a strategy to improve the public perception of DJPPR, to become equal or even more leading the other public sector brands in the Indonesian financial industry.

A strategic initiative to perceive the work process of state risk management.

When first discussing with DJPPR, the biggest challenge found was that current digital communication activities on social media resemble a one-way street. Together with DJPPR, we then explored what the root cause is by conducting research on the public's perception towards DJPPR's communication.

We believe that looking at challenges through a broader lens allows DJPPR to find comprehensive and fundamental solutions. One intriguing research finding states that the public requires motivation to interact with DJPPR. Furthermore, the nature of DJPPR communication has always been publication-oriented. This communication method has created limitations to the public knowledge about DJPPR.

These findings led us to the conclusion that DJPPR's communication needs to be transformed to be more interactive. There were some fundamental things required in initiating our work with DJPPR. First, we define the communication position of DJPPR and communication platforms suitable for public institutions' activities. Second, we build a communication strategy that is able to provide the public a motive to continue become communication partners.

A two-way communication strategy to build mutual relations with the public.

In collaborating with the DJPPR team, we built consecutive narrative-based communication strategies that start with defining the positioning of DJPPR communications. In 2018, DJPPR began to carry out communication activities with a more straightforward approach, using the hashtag #PembiayaanUangKita to highlight the duties and functions of DJPPR as an institution. The following year, we developed a DJPPR communication strategy that focused on profiling DJPPR's role in the state budget (APBN), namely the "financing heroes for the nation."

In the same year, we developed a strategy with a more holistic approach. Through InFest (Inclusive Festival), we presented DJPPR as an institution that is not only close, but also relevant to the current era through financial literacy. DJPPR became a pioneer in collaborative work with financial planner stakeholders to reach the wider public.

In the following year, we continued to develop DJPPR's strategy amid new challenges in the form of a pandemic. After strengthening various communication touchpoints, it is time for DJPPR to present sturdy figures as representative institutions in financial literacy and investment.

A mutually spirited change of strategy pushes DJPPR one step ahead.

In just the first year, DJPPR was able to smoothly transition its communication management, using the strategies and guidelines we created together. Starting from introducing new mindsets in internal communication approaches, followed by efficiency of financing and internal work, and tactics in communication approach.

This collaborative process of hard work yielded satisfactory results. In 2020, DJPPR won two awards as a public sector in the Indonesia PR Award. Namely, Gold for the Social Media Subcategory and Silver for Government PR Subcategory through the DJPPR InFest Program.

Despite the achievements, our work does not end there. During the dynamic process with DJPPR, all our discussions and mentoring work in two directions, ranging from strategy preparation to implementation to the internal team. We see DJPPR has transformed into a public sector institution in finance that is able to communicate with a more grounded concept. Until now, DJPPR is still growing and is always one step ahead. DJPPR is now ready to continuously innovate its communication strategies to remain relevant to the public.

The mutual-participation communication between public sector and public is the key for sustainable and reliable relationship that will benefit for self, community and the nation.