basicludo is a strategic brand consultancy, your partner in unlocking your business potential and transforming it into a strategic brand.

Whether it is devising purpose or products and services, brands and experiences, or customer relationship and business processes, we provide insights and expertise to unleash your transformative potential in any of these areas.

We see your business through our unique lens to not only build strategies, but also inspire you to be more confident with your own brand. Learn more about us.


We believe that brand is a powerful tool that becomes the driver and strategy for businesses to realize their untapped potential.

We create everything here at Rumah Ludo, a small universe we call our laboratory. Together in this lab, we carefully observe, examine, analyze, and discover insights using an interdisciplinary approach to synthesize your brand strategy.

A strategy that is ready to help your business transform and grow, as your transformative growth is our main focus.


Strategy-Driven Growth

We focus on building your growth strategically. By using design thinking and Brand Intensive Methodology, our strategies are made to be the foundation of your brand.

Integrated-Innovation Strategy

We provide integrative solutions, a combination of expertise and carefully curated insights and innovation, to achieve transformative growth faster, better, and sustainably.

Uniquely Collaborative Culture

We work collaboratively at a close distance. Bringing together ideas and aspirations in exploring the potential to build strategies – intensively with you and your team.

meet the expert

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Business & Brand Strategist

As team captain and CEO, Lia is the anchor for all brand and business strategies. Lia heavily focuses on the potential to develop your brand, by putting forward simultaneous listening and learning. As a result, she provides exceptional solutions and insights. Lia brings 8+ years of expertise in a variety of business sectors - in building insights that represent a combination of strategic design thinking, analytical problem solving, creativity and economic value.


Brand Identity & Experience Strategist

Anin specializes in providing insights and building strategies through visual strategies that are tangible and durable. Starting out as a visual strategist, Anin became a brand strategist, being able to translate strategies into visuals that are rich in exhibiting your business potential. Bringing more than a decade of experience working with various sectors, Anin can guide you through the process of brand embodiment that can lead you to your brand success.


Market & Brand Behavior Strategist

Tere is an expert rich with a personality-centric perspective. She strongly believes that a customer-centric approach is a forerunner in brand development. Thus, her main expertise lies in building the mindset, culture, and communication system that will impact your brand development. Having experience with brands of many sectors, Tere's expertise can translate narratives and voices based on data analysis and insight extraction about the market, customers, and competitive climate.