Transformation of CRSL: Growing into a Fashion & Lifestyle Streetwear Brand With a Customer-Centric Perspective

Client: CRSL Year: 2022

Strengthening CRSL's brand direction & mutually building strong relationship with its market through a customer-centric mindset transformation.

Established in 2017, CRSL started its business in Yogyakarta as a fashion and lifestyle streetwear brand. Thanks to consistent and continuous innovation, CRSL is growing bigger. The growth of CRSL is accompanied by the realization that the market has a significant role in the dynamics of brand development. CRSL feels the need to get to know the market more deeply. Mapping the market, identifying behavior, and exploring market journey help CRSL see opportunities to start building two-way relationships.

"CRSL realizes that becoming a big brand starts with knowing and understanding the market."

The big dream made CRSL realize that apart from a brand that needs to be continuously encouraged to grow, the market is also moving dynamically. CRSL wants to grow as a brand and develop with the market. So far, CRSL has been entirely consistent in building its existence. As a streetwear & lifestyle brand that targets young people, CRSL comes with regular campaigns and activations to maintain relationships with the market. The consistency has resulted in a solid and loyal market for CRSL.

The year 2022 is momentum for CRSL to dive deeper into its market, which has been the brand's backbone. To build relationships that have been running in one direction, namely from the market to the brand, into a more mutual relationship.

As consultants, we understand the problem that we can never separate every brand from the market. The relationship between the brand and the market needs to be two-way and mutual so that the brand appears relevant and can always meet market needs. We developed a transformation strategy so that CRSL appears as a brand that listen market aspirations, understand the dynamics of market life. By bringing a customer-centric mindset, we help CRSL map out and identify more deeply who the CRSL market is.

"CRSL needs to understand the market more deeply with a customer-centric strategy."

To know more, we need to hear more. As a first step, we conducted research & assessment to understand the current condition of existing customers and also CRSL's market aspiration. This step is done to find market profiling, CRSL's business vision, market & customer aspirations towards CRSL, and opportunities for CRSL strategy alignment related to market & customer. This principle has also been applied when assisting CRSL in identifying the market.

To gain comprehensive insights for CRSL, we use discourse analysis which helps us map out the market profile, market category, market persona, and customer journey. We also conduct this analysis to test whether the current market character of CRSL is in line with CRSL's vision and mission as a brand.

Proceeding with CRSL in Brand Consultancy - our participatory service directly with the brand owner, findings after findings from and about the market were successfully obtained. Bringing market data from in-depth analysis, CRSL currently has immense market potential. And we can define the market and customer story for CRSL. These two points helped us develop a strategy for CRSL to be relevant in understanding the aspiring market.

"Decision-making is now carried out with high confidence that puts the customer first."

During the assessment and strategy development process, we work closely with the CRSL team on a two-way basis. We are involved in conducting research work with CRSL customers, internalization workshops with the CRSL brand owner and crew, to brainstorming, which is carried out in stages. The initiative from the brand owner and the CRSL team during this collaborative work process indicates that CRSL wants to know and understand its market internally. We believe this kind of two-way process provides a more robust understanding that will facilitate the implementation of future strategies.

From the product perspective, the entire CRSL team has internalized the mindset with a customer perspective. Starting with the perspective that products and services are to respond to the market & customers, no longer just about how to sell or release products. From a customer perspective, CRSL as a brand is becoming more mature thanks to the willingness to know the market more deeply. Thus, decision-making can also be done more confidently, significantly affecting building mutual relations with the market.

A good start from realising CRSL's dream is to build a mutual relationship with the market, namely, having a good understanding of the market and having a market perspective on every innovation and decision.

"Brand customer relationship should be mutually beneficial; with a strong willingness to have mutual understanding and presence."