From Self-Employee to A Mindful Brand: Tic Pilates's Layered Transformation to Becomes A Back Pain Specialist Brand

Client: Tic Pilates Year: 2021

Critical gradual process of becoming a brand with a back pain specialist focus, ready to compete in the healthy lifestyle industry.

Tic Pilates was founded in 2016 by Cita Ichtiara, a senior pilates instructor. Cita is a brand owner and runner of Tic Pilates. Started as self-employment, the business is growing. Then, the awareness grows that a growing business requires synergy from the implementing team, especially since Cita desires to bring Tic Pilates to grow bigger. Cita realized that Tic Pilates business and brand needed to be managed, in line and togetherThis role is where we stand, helping Cita realize that dream.

"Transforming the pattern of self-employment into a business: the first gateway to the great potential of Tic Pilates."

Tic Pilates departs from self-employment, where Cita Ichtiara, the founder, takes care of everything related to managing the business independently. Starting a business can be from anywhere, but continuing it is another matter, especially when the business owner plans to run the business for the long term. It's not just a business that needs to be taken care of but also a brand; managing a brand is a long-term job. It's a long-run game. So the first need we saw from Tic Pilates was to turn the concept of self-employment into a business.

Nevertheless, this only touched the first layer. The following transformation process is changing business management into brand management. During the process with Tic Pilates, we conducted many discussion sessions to explore the potential of Tic Pilates. Based on this first stage of the assessment process, we found that Tic Pilates already has a solid core business idea. Tic Pilates is a business with the core idea of a back pain specialist. This core idea makes the transformation process run more smoothly. The next task is translating this core business idea into a brand strategy that aligns with the core and then communicates it to the market.

"To run a long-run game, Tic Pilates needs a two-layer transformation strategy."

During the Brand Consultancy process - our participatory service that proceeds directly with the brand owner - we formulate many things ranging from business lines to managing the Tic Pilates brand. First strategy, transforming self employee to a fix business patterns. Second strategy, appear as a brand focusing on Back Pain Specialists. In general, what Tic Pilates needs is a brand strategy, communication framework, and finance management. So to meet this need, we help Tic Pilates map out brand positioning, define who the market is, touchpoint strategy, develop brand narratives, to manage systems and finance.

As decision-makers, we believe that brand owners need to understand the wheels of business and how these wheels operate. However, the brand owner must understand the management process from upstream to downstream, not in the context of re-applying the self-employment concept, but for efficient and effective decision-making. Or, in this case, it means being in line with the prepared strategies. Then, we translated The idea of a Back Pain Specialist to the market by presenting Tic Pilates as a helper who helps the market to live a more optimal life. It's no longer just curing the sick but a preventive effort to improve the market's quality of life by avoiding back pain.

"Tic Pilates can communicate the brand solidly to the market to facilitate the brand recognition process."

Our process with Tic Pilates went very smoothly from the start because of the well-defined core ideas. This process facilitates the transformation process, which ideally takes a long time because it touches two layers. In the first layer, in the process of changing self-employment into a business, we saw how Cita Ichtiara's progress as a brand owner became more confident in making decisions. From the beginning, as a brand owner alone, Tic Pilates now has a team of trained trainers. Tic Pilates programs have also become more concrete in the sense that they have succeeded in reaching the market needs of those who are primarily urban society.

Improvements in the finance management section also made the system run more neatly. Tic Pilates can see future business projections more clearly and actionable. This internal transformation allows Tic Pilates to display a self-image according to the strategy. This strategy touches on the second layer: changing from a business to a brand. With a clear communication framework, Tic Pilates can convey messages clearly when interacting with the market. It managed to convince the public that Tic Pilates, as a professional Back Pain Specialist, is ready to help improve the quality of life of urban communities as a target market.

"Creating big change is by its nature challenging, but only by having true confidence can create positive brand transformation and perception."