Ditusi Go Beyond: Reaching Further by Building a Digital Gaming Ecosystem in Indonesia

Client: Ditusi Year: 2022

Ditusi went further by initiating a digital gaming society - go more than being successful as a top-up game provider.

Ditusi is a third-party game top-up service provider that was established in 2014. Its consistency in providing excellent service has strengthened Ditusi's position as one of Indonesia's largest and most trusted game top-up service providers. Ditusi succeed on creating a community of gamers who rely on Ditusi for their game top-up needs. Ditusi realised the need on something new that could reach the community further. So the next phase is transforming Ditusi into a brand. Moving from Digital Top Up Game Provider to becoming a full-fledged brand.

"The growth of the game industry in Indonesia has encouraged Ditusi to initiate & support the gaming culture."

Since its establishment in 2014, Ditusi has served hundreds of thousands of gamers in Indonesia. Initially, Ditusi's main focus was to become a top-up game service provider. Ditusi itself is an abbreviation of Digital Top Up Game Society. Ditusi consistently provides excellent service, and succeeded in growing as a trusted provider, even one of the largest in Indonesia. For eight years, Ditusi focused on building its credibility. Thanks to the excellent service, Ditusi has succeeded in gaining loyal members.

After almost a decade of business in the Indonesian game industry, Ditusi felt the need to expand. Ditusi's success as a top-up game provider made them think further about the future. The number of loyal customers shows that Ditusi has a strong position in front of the market. Ditusi needs to maintain this position by offering a more impactful value for the game industry in Indonesia.

As a developing country, the gaming industry in Indonesia itself has the potential to grow rapidly. The government is starting to work seriously on e-sports, and the number of gamers in Indonesia is also increasing yearly. It's just that the gaming industry ecosystem in Indonesia is still premature and needs to be worked on again. This situation is where we see the potential for Ditusi to enter and influence the domestic gaming industry.

"Determine the development strategy of Ditusi brand: Digital Gaming Society as the core idea."

Building a Digital Gaming Society starts with clearly defining it. We started the Digital Gaming Society's development steps from here. Trying to maximise the deadline to work out the definition of core ideas and then arrange what kind of touch points Ditusi can execute. A holistic brand strategy summarises our touch points and core idea elaboration. Covers a variety of products and services that are more advanced than before.

Appearing as a brand that strives to be impactful, Ditusi has begun to play the role of an agency for gaming influencers and streamers, selling collectable items in the form of original and quality gaming merch, and still maintaining complete top-up services. In addition, Ditusi also presents a distinctive gaming experience, for example, by holding a gaming tour to Japan, a gaming developer country that many parties have relied on. The selection of countries for the event's agenda is also carefully calculated and based on data to provide the best experience for Ditusi customers.

All of these touchpoints are aimed at bringing disruption to the Indonesian gaming culture market. Because with consistent disruption, the process will organically form the market perception of the Ditusi brand. This touch point is also Ditusi's step to show existence according to the image we are trying to build based on our compiled brand strategy.

"Ditusi started working from within as a brand, doing activations that went beyond."

The gaming industry in Indonesia is growing. The business potential is huge, but many things need to be addressed. Ditusi is preparing to take disruptive steps to support the development of gaming culture in Indonesia. That step starts even from the inside. We believe in doing great things; everything starts from within, which is also what Ditusi did.

Working from the inside to fix the brand, Ditusi began to build a new team with more qualified abilities in their respective fields. Ditusi also did a restructuring by implementing an office culture, moving to a new office and starting the agenda as a solid team with healthy and efficient office hours. From the business side, Ditusi has tidied up its investments and adjusted them to the long-term goals that have also been summarised in the brand strategy according to its core idea.

A living ecosystem will support the many businesses within it. However, reviving the ecosystem requires the involvement of many parties. Ditusi has started a bold movement by defining the Digital Gaming Society. The hope is that what Ditusi has done will help the dynamics of the gaming industry in Indonesia come alive.

"To win the platform race, modern gaming brands must address the gaming community's expectations anchored on authenticity and gaming culture."