Designing IP Brands for the Finance & Investment Sector through the InFest Program: An Inclusive Innovative Youth Festival

Through InFest, DJPPR seeks to collaborate with young people from various backgrounds to collaborate in a forum for financial and investment management.

As an effort to transform public communication activities, the Directorate General of Financing and Risk Management (DJPPR) of the Ministry of Finance requires a digital and more conventional actualization space. Succeeding with the #IniUntukKita campaign in the digital realm, DJPPR continued the communication strategy prepared by basicludo in the conventional realm by initiating InFest (Inclusive Festival), a literacy festival designed to be an incubation space for knowledge about managing financing and financial risk.

"DJPPR's public communication activities require innovations that can reach young people from various backgrounds without limits"

DJPPR and basicludo have collaborated since 2018. Our collaboration process begins by preparing a communication strategy, which is then applied to all DJPPR communication touchpoints. After successfully strengthening engagement in the digital realm through the #IniUntukKita campaign, we saw the need for DJPPR to directly meet its audience.

DJPPR needs to communicate face-to-face with its target audience, namely young people to strengthen the perception that public sector institutions with vital roles and functions can also appear relevant to today's public. We also see the importance of DJPPR to appear inclusive, to embrace the target audience of various backgrounds.

We consider these values important to be communicated to the public because they encourage a positive image of DJPPR as a public sector institution that is more friendly, inclusive, and young at heart. Especially, considering that DJPPR is an echelon under the Ministry of Finance with the most young staff members who are part of a community called "Yang Muda Yang Bicara".

"InFest is the first collaboration space that directly connects DJPPR with its public audience, a medium for exchanging ideas and practices."

DJPPR has a vital role and function as a state institution in risk management and financing activities. However, such activities are not yet well-known by the wider public. With this, we see that DJPPR needs an Intellectual Property (IP) brand to directly promote the positive image of DJPPR in the eyes of the target audience.

We then designed InFest (Inclusive Festival), a literacy festival that becomes an incubation space for knowledge about managing financing and financial risk. InFest came in a series of three events which were held consecutively from year to year namely: InFest Talkshow (2019), InFest Goes to Campus (2020), and InFest Incubation (2021).

We designed this program as a forum for DJPPR to actualize itself by embracing its public audience. This is the spirit that we instilled while running InFest for three years in a row. This collaboration space became DJPPR's innovation in communication activities to reach today's public, especially in the financial risk management and financing sector.

"InFest has succeeded in shifting DJPPR's image to be more friendly, inclusive, and proactive in empowering young people to become an investment literate generation."

The process of mentoring and collaborative work between basicludo and DJPPR has resulted in various achievements. Apart from fixing communication patterns with the public in the digital realm, InFest has also succeeded in becoming a prototype for other public sector institutions. One of these successes was demonstrated by the Silver Winner award for the Government PR Sub-Category for the DJPPR InFest Program. This achievement also provides added value for DJPPR in the finance and investment industry. Thanks to InFest, DJPPR acquired a strong bargaining power in front of stakeholders, especially with an abundant mass of young people.

Another thing that also concerns us is how the DJPPR team can fully internalize how IP brands work so that when the pandemic began to hit Indonesia in early 2020, the process of transitioning from offline to online events does not pose any challenge. Through InFest, DJPPR also understands the importance of partnering with young people and inclusively presenting themselves to create a positive image.

"Building a strong public sector brand is as vital as providing excellent services and experience to the customers."