Bagasi's journey to becoming a disruptive Indonesian luggage brand by bringing a new perspective: Travel with Purpose.

Client: Bagasi Year: 2022

Presenting Bagasi as a quality Indonesian brand with a disruptive brand strategy for long-term management needs.

Bagasi is an original Indonesian luggage brand. Despite its young age, Bagasi has had an authentic spirit since its inception: to become a brand with a disruptive vision. Being disruptive is not just being different without prioritizing distinctive aspects. Being a disruptive brand, Bagasi will appear in the market. It's no longer a matter of being different for a while but long-term goals. These are where we see the need for Bagasi to have a sustainable brand strategy for long-term management.

"Explore brand stories that align with Bagasi's disruptive perspective: Travel with Purpose."

As a domestic luggage brand, Bagasi is aware of the competition in the Indonesian market. With suitcases as a mainstay product, Bagasi is also aware that they are currently penetrating the travel industry, whose components are composed of various stakeholders. Bagasi's awareness of their market segmentation means one step ahead because by doing so, Bagasi has enough power to strategize. Bagasi also has adequate provisions by pocketing a spirit that has been definitive from the start: to become a disruptive brand.

The problem is, being disruptive is not enough to be different. Disruptive means being different and strategic. Being different once or twice is certainly different from being different in "The Brand That Will Always Be Different". To that end, we helped Bagasi understand the travel industry, which led us to realise that Bagasi needs to get out of stereotypical associations about travel. Based on this awareness, we dig deeper into the brand story that Bagasi needs to redefine the meaning of travel.

Our next task is to help Bagasi build disruptive aspects that the brand can later translate to the market. That's all we strive for in a long-term brand management strategy oriented towards disruptive innovation, quality consistency, and a sustainable strategy.

"Presenting travel meaning with #TravelwithPurpose perspective in every phase of Bagasi brand management."

We started our steps with Bagasi by mapping out disruptive aspects that could be executed immediately, including collaborating with various youth icons. Collaboration is one of the important aspects that we emphasise in this redefinition process. However, we don't want to be trapped by making young people only Bagasi's target market; furthermore, there is a value that Bagasi offers to this market share: young people are Bagasi's travel companions.

With this value, the relationship between Bagasi and young people as its market share becomes equal and empowered. Bagasi is present as a colleague who believes that every idea from young Indonesians needs to be expressed and appreciated. In the realisation of this concept, we made a brand activation in the form of a movement called #ExpedisiKreasi. Through this movement, Bagasi wants to appear not only as a provider of luggage but also as a place to spread ideas in any form.

In addition to brand activation, the touch point that is our task with Bagasi is how to define Travel with Purpose, which they are carrying. By digging deeper into travel, we broaden the meaning of travel, especially for young people who become Bagasi's market. Travel is not just a move from one point to another; travel can also mean self-actualisation as an employee, content creator, or founder. It's about travelling within to become the best version of ourselves.

"To continue to grow sustainably, making decisions based on the brand strategy needs to become a habit, especially for decision-makers in Bagasi."

The brand story - Travel with Purpose - used by Bagasi, is part of a brand strategy that covers many aspects of the brand-building journey. Brand strategy's role is vital in brand building and management but is often overlooked by decision-makers within a company. We try our best to instil mindsets and habits in the Bagasi team so that everything they do to the brand and business is based on the brand strategy. We made this effort possible thanks to the involvement of Bagasi, who was very participatory from the beginning of the process with us.

Bagasi's founders and the core team are actively involved - in our participatory service Brand Consultancy - in every stage of the process with us, from research to internalisation. Making decisions based on brand strategy has made Bagasi independent in every business decision. Bagasi now has clear indicators when making decisions, including product initiatives, communication initiatives, and future development. The Bagasi brand is also progressing in terms of collaboration. Cooperation among collaborators is no longer seen as a temporal and sensational activation but instead has a purpose that aligns with the brand strategy. Travel with Purpose has manifested outside and inside of Bagasi as a brand.

"Brand with purpose outperform peers; often attracting and retaining the best talent, providing a real point of distinctions for consumers.”