Visual Identity Standard of Central Bank of Indonesia

Departemen Komunikasi Bank Indonesia.

Jakarta, Indonesia - 2015

Central Bank of Indonesia Visual Identity Standard; that is also known as Standar Identitas Visual Bank Indonesia (SIVBI); is a major guideline to create visual communication in order to maintain Bank Indonesia's consistency, flexibility and image.


The lack of supporting graphic elements on Bank Indonesia's identity leads public awareness in perplexity. Without its logo, Bank Indonesia's identity could not be well recognized or even limited since its dominant yet superior position.


Strengthening Bank Indonesia corporate identity in order to maintain its credibility and the authenticity of all documents released. The corporate identity refreshment with the touch of trend-analysis approach follows Bank Indonesia's integrity and credibility as a central bank.


A friendly and flexible visual standardization that is aimed to manage the visual and type of content proportion of all Bank Indonesia publication materials. Building brand association of Bank Indonesia to match its expression to public perception.