Tek Gadih: Social E-Commerce Brand Building

Tek Gadih.

Padang, Indonesia - 2015

Tek Gadih is a brand product of women's network named Jaringan Perempuan Usaha Kecil (JARPUK) focusing on West Sumatera food specialty.


Diffused into several districts and cities in West Sumatera, there are likely 25 kinds of local and traditional food and crafts are produced by JARPUK, individually or comunally.

Producing Minangkabau local and traditional food might be an usual cause. All of women manufacturers in JARPUK are highly potential to build a 'home' Minangkabau nomads through local foods. Unusual manufacturers, unusual market target and an environtmental friendly products.


Similar competitors in West Sumatera that sell similar products with Tek Gadih. Building a holistic brand strategy for Tek Gadih is a crucial element in order to be the best product with its differentiations.


Immersing Tek Gadih excellence and a systematic marketing strategy; especially building its thematic and iconic identity. Tek Gadih brand identity is aimed to make all nomads miss their hometown.