Paris Bakery: Experiential Brand Activation

Paris Bakery.

Yogyakarta, Indonesia - 2014

Paris Bakery, a restaurant that providing various food, drink and bread typical of Europe, an annual event coincide with valentine day.


The event was held to invite enjoy celebrate customer experience thanksgiving through various event, as a photo session, talk show, and the fashion show. Paris Bakery loyal customers should be treated with various impressive and interesting treatments. Paris bakery commitment in serving customers has been strengthened with the event dedicated for its loyal customers.


Packaging Paris Bakery event decoration to remain as a reflection of its brand identity. Aligning the Valentine moment with the identity of Paris, the city of love, in order to be able to harmonizes with the event.


Underlining cultural images of Paris which it is poured into graphic elements to the needs of the promotion media of Loving Story With Paris Bakery. The media in accordance with the theme and Paris Bakery identity will keep its brand perception and expression consistency.