Ministry of Finance of Indonesia: PSA APBN 2016

Kementerian Keuangan Republik Indonesia.

Jakarta, Indonesia - 2015

Ministry of Finance of Republic of Indonesia is a governmental institusion that holds the responsibility on finance and state assets.


Ministry of Finance has an extremely diverse topics of state finance that is spread widely through social media. The need to produce a mild and understandable information about Indonesia Budget State 2016 through public service announcement.


Wrapping the unfamiliar issue about Budget State 2016 into information that able to be understood for public. A set of Budget State themed PSA that remains Ministry of Finance identity as public representation to gain public awareness and involvement on state finance.


A set of Budget State 2016 themed PSA that is developed by three main implementation sectors: Social Aid, Food Self-Sufficient and Health. Public is the main campaign focus as Budget State 2016 change agents and beneficiaries; public itself as the PSA angle so that the information can be widely felt.