Mbak Sasha: Brand Refreshment

Mbak Sasha.

Yogyakarta, Indonesia - 2014

Warung Pedes Mbak Sasha, a restaurant which presents traditional and spicy cuisines for all culinary lovers.


Warung Pedes Mbak Sasha has been rooted in food lovers' mind as the best street vendor for more than a decade. A qualified and continuous service is the main Warung Pedes Mbak Sasha purpose on serving its products and services.


Presenting a new perspective of Warung Pedes Mbak Sasha to maintain its consistency as food lovers favourite street vendor. Warung Pedes Mbak Sasha new image could stand as its unique points to build its belonging with all food lovers.


Introducing Warung Pedes Mbak Sasha person figure on social media to bring all food lovers closer to it as loyal customers. With a fresh and innovative image, Warung Pedes Mbak Sasha could be one step forward as a restaurant with traditional and spicy cuisines.