Kenyal Kental: Brand Refreshment

Kenyal Kental.

Yogyakarta, Indonesia - 2014

Kenyal Kental is a different and unique pudding creation.


Its uniqueness lies on the ingredients, the making process and the marketing concept. Kenyal Kental presence is not only as a usual dessert, but also prioritising its hygienic and natural ingredients. Kenyal Kental unique identity has not been displayed yet as a potential product of Yogyakarta culinary. As a potential culinary, Kenyal Kental is ready to gain loyal customers through all marketing communications media as the base ammunition.


Just like a painting, Kenyal Kental should be processed in a such way that looks compelling and encourage everyone's tastes. Especially when appears in different way from other similar products, make each potential customers increasingly interested to taste the pudding.


Rejuvenating Kenyal Kental identity through the interpretation of its vision and mission to be a typical of Yogyakarta product. Building Kenyal Kental brand association through the daily icon of culinary lovers, especially pudding, in order to felt closer and alive.