Bank of Indonesia: Organization and Human Resource Internal Communication Media Implementation

Departemen Sumber Daya Manusia Bank Indonesia.

Jakarta, Indonesia - 2015

Bank Indonesia human resource and organization, also known as Organisasi dan SDM Bank Indonesia (OSBI), is a part of strategic program to complete the organization element.


Achieving Bank Indonesia organization's program to build a motived organization through organization perfecting and human resources management. Creating a qualified human resouces with leadership skill aligned with Bank Indonesia strategic values.

In order to reach its motivated organization purpose, Bank Indonesia puts the transition of institution as a priority program. As the program outputs, building human resource that have the leadership skill follow all strategic values of Bank Indonesia.

In preparation, Bank Indonesia required a strong transformation strategy to support the embodiment process of motivated organization.


As a national institution, building a collaborative communication media is quite challenging. And as the benefit as well, the communication media could lead to everyone involvement to shape a new perspective for internal organization members.


Developing a perspective through a communicative and personal communication media accentuating individual character as the human brand. Every single person in the organization will feel the same thing: involved in every inch of transition process.