Bank Indonesia: CSR Program Brand Building

Departemen Komunikasi Bank Indonesia.

Jakarta, Indonesia - 2015

One of Bank Indonesia social responsibility embodiment through strategic programs as intitution to strengthen the economic sector and society financial literacy.


Bank Indonesia social programs is conducted under different implementation theme each year to vision as the best Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) operator in regional. The redefinition of Bank Indonesia social programs to grow more than any other CSR operator yet remain reflecting its credibility and authority as a central bank.

A powerful brand strategy is vital elements in brand building process. It's a robust strength to maintain brand's sustainability in the middle of CSR jungle on regional basis.

Unlike any other CSR, Bank Indonesia initially requires a different approach for the CSR in order to be distinctive and outstanding. Moving forward, BASIC|LUDO is appointed to concieve the comprehensive brand strategy and brand identity in actuating Bank Indonesia's intention to be the best of CSR operator.


Offering different approach and definition under one big brand strategy umbrella. 

Define its positioning and communication strategy to maintain Bank Indonesia responsibility on economical management. Building distinctive identity; different yet still close to beneficiaries.

The challenge requires BASIC|LUDO to understand several critical factors, such like: (1) Bank Indonesia's strong intention in brand building and growing other or previous programs regarding to social responsibilities; (2) Bank Indonesia's current relationships with stakeholders; (3) Bank Indonesia's strong image, nationally or even internationally.


Building a strong, bold, adaptive brand blueprint for Bank Indonesia and the future of Indonesia's corporate social responsibilities.

Developing a new Bank Indonesia social programs identity to decide it positioning for stakeholders. All purposes contained in its name: Dedikasi Untuk Negeri; a full dedication for the country; along with its communication strategy to manifest Bank Indonesia spirit and commitments.