Ayam Gantung: Thematic Restaurant Brand Building

Ayam Gantung.

Yogyakarta, Indonesia - 2015

Ayam Gantung serves special chicken-based menus and diverse choice of Indonesia unique cuisine: sambal.


Chicken-based menu restaurant is familiar in Yogyakarta, especially in eastern side of it that is well known for tourists. Ayam Gantung differentiation is its opportunity to be a stand-out restaurant in eastern culinary area of Yogyakarta.


Creating Ayam Gantung punctuation point to win customers' heart in a highly competitive market. Building a new Ayam Gantung unique brand image and personality as a thematic restaurant.


Developing a transparency concept based on customer experience strategy while preparing and serving Ayam Gantung products and service. The concept is implemented empirically and pragmatically through food concocting experience, its service and its display.