Nisaul Aulia, our Brand Strategy Expert wrote a year opener on Brand and Disruption. Describes how the acceleration of communication technology becomes the main trigger for disruption waves. The transition of values ​​and behavior which simultaneously influences decision making as the markers.

In the heads of urban consumers with high literacy and use of technology, disruption manifests. Changing the way a person perceives something, sees himself in a different way. Consumers now understand that they are the market. The strong jurisdiction that Christensen uses when he wants to associate the meaning of 'uprooted' itself, refers to the basic aspect of a major change, namely a change in mindset. What is now happening massively brings us to the new normal.

Departing from there, BASIC|LUDO then believes that the ways people see and define a brand will experience shifting. Then it’ll no longer any clear boundaries between the brand and the business model. Seeing and defining a brand means indirectly expressing the business model that is carried there. The previous constraints such as giving space between the brand and the activity of capturing profits are now blended into the brand spirit.

People know Tokopedia as well as they know Matahari Mall, even if they don't necessarily shop at one, or even both. Insight comes not from personal experience when shopping, storytelling also plays an active role there. Then what makes many consumers switch to e-commerce?

This disruptive brand strategy will shift the business model to the spirit of the brand. A spirit that communicates relevance, in the form of storytelling, or quoting from thinkwithgoogle, that the storytelling has switched to storyselling. The e-commerce business model is translated in the form of a communication strategy that brings value and responds to consumer needs but also guarantees its sustainability.

The brand is the people. The strategy to strengthen the brand in the market means to strengthen people who are the market itself. Blurry is the boundary in the context of the current brand. Not only limited to storytelling the business model as a brand spirit, but it really makes it life to strengthen the brand, strengthen the way people think about the brand.