Our daily lives are undergoing a transformation of habits. Starting from the habits of yourself in the bedroom, to habits we share in public space. Transformation occurs along with the penetration of technological innovation in our daily lives. There are no aspects that escape from the emergence of new habits because those who experience shifting are human beings.

It is a disrupted share that creates efficiency, practices acceleration and gives birth to a new normal culture. So what we do every day some time ago, we are now working on a new pattern. Cashless payment, online courier, online study, online shopping. Many of our activities shift to the disrupted platform.

As a business Doers reflecting on disruption, let's check whether we have become part of the disruption itself. Positioning ourselves on the path taken by our customers. Ensuring relevance is maintained. If not, you must hurry up and disrupt yourself. This response taken by us at BASIC | LUDO, to be part of the disruption community.

There is three main habitus that BASIC | LUDO sees experiencing meaningful shifting. Suppose you want to get out of town in the near future, but as an urban consumer it is almost impossible for you to manage your time to prepare it with the 'old way'.

The first thing to think about is to open an application on your smartphones, such as Traveloka or Airy to find cheap tickets and hotels. After that, you will make a payment using m-banking. Tickets and hotels are ready, just a holiday outfit so that holiday photos look cool on social media. There are many choices in similar e-commerce applications. The next application that is usually opened is social media or YouTube that reviews tourist destinations. Seeing and reading reviews is important so that your short vacation is not in vain. Others, while waiting for the train to arrive or pause between one spot to the next, there will be many waiting times, then the games entertainment application, online short stories and subscription films in a handful of smartphones must also be readily available.

This is the shifting in human behavior, digitalized habits. Tertiary needs that change into the primary. The mobile lifestyle is only because everything can be done at once, from one place where we are now. So are our consumers every day. Buying and selling activities are still always there, only now everything happens through the platform. Transactions also occur without using cash. Together the habit arises to fulfill the need for ease, speed, practicality, and meaningful experience. It's time we are always aware of this condition and creatively realize what consumers like.