After a happy new year whoop slipped by, now you’re set to execute your business resolutions. What are on your lists? A plan on brand has crossed your mind? A brand delivers your business voice. Built upon facts, feelings, and perceptions, a brand as your nest egg promotes a long run emotional bond with your customers.

During these past few years you run your business, you may evaluate: “I make a superb product. I manage a good system. I work with a great team. Why isn’t my business lucrative? Why don’t my potential customers return? What efforts can I put on to uplift my business?” Nonetheless, if your customers doesn’t have a distinct idea about what you sell, your business may remain dormant.

A soccer club big fan holds pride on his jersey and scarf when his club wins a match, so does a devoted customer. He would be head over heels to put on your product. Something connects your real experience of glory will only be gained when you know the ‘soul’ of your products and services. The characteristics of your products and services are clearly-cut engraved. You create an opportunity with lasting impact, which is a key to your business success and survival.


So, why is a brand your best resolution in 2018?

1. Brand is about people

Possessing a sustain and lucrative business is definitely the intent of all business owners.

However, spotlighting on the profit without regarding the touch to people may lead you into regret. Brand is about people. Your brand touches people’ lives by bringing personal and fantastic encounters with the products and services. More than just marketing, putting yourself in customers’ shoes would engage them more.

2. Brand delivers your business voice

Wrapped in more than a bundle of name, logo, tagline, and identity, your brand delivers your business voice. Your best performance in all aspects of business and your attempts to satisfy your customers are reflected and felt through your brand. Your efforts then lead to a reputation created amongst your customers’ talks.

3. Brand is getting the right spot on customers’ mind

You automatically call ‘Coca-Cola’ when you want to drink coke? That is the time when a brand is on the right track. It’s been stuck in your head, even when other brands are abundant. To recall ‘Burger King’ is akin to ‘Coca-Cola’. Your brand cultivates an association like coke-’Coca-Cola’ and burger-’Burger King’. The perspective exists on your customer’s mind, and remains lasting.

4. Brand is your intangible asset

In the beginning, it seems that you invest too much on dealing with a brand. Yet a positive

brand will likely drive your customers spend more on the recognizable products. Your

customers are willing to pay more, they search your products and services, and they wait for

the latest version. To own such asset, your struggle is paid off.

5. Brand is your tomorrow business

‘Volkswagen’ or ‘VW’ outgrows its fellow auto products like ‘Toyota’ and ‘Honda’. Somehow, a couple of years ago, the brand was trapped into an emission test scandal. Despite the core management swift response, ‘VW’ has entrenched its undefeatable position. A brand will keep giving you hope to endure even in a dreadful scenario.

We couldn’t agree more with what is marked by a sales and marketing expert Maggie Robinson. A business never inspires customer loyalty, it neither has fans, and it doesn’t trigger large-scale talks or touch thousands of lives; but, a brand does. Kindly recheck your 2018 business resolution list. Make sure a brand is on the top of it!