It’s been 73 years of Indonesia Independence Day. It means that there have been 73 times Indonesian people yell and embrace the word of ‘freedom’. The word and its nuance that has been giving a deep meaning for all generation of Indonesian people nowadays. Being independence for this nation was started by an overflowing feeling of vociferous since we took over all control and command to rule the country. We savored the freedom of being colonised for more than three centuries in August 1945. Therefore, after 73 years, the yell of ‘freedom’ have encountered plenty of milestones and formed the new manifestation as found in business dynamics nowadays.


What does independence mean for us? Viewed from historical perspectives, being independence means you are free from restraints and control of outer part of ourselves, both from Dutch and Japan colonisation. When you take a closer look the denotative meaning of ‘independence’, you get to know that it means living your life with free will to determine what your life would be. Today’s Indonesian youths respond to it by seizing the day through all possibilities and choices. One of them is being an entrepreneur is now becomes a massive and common choice to earn for a living.

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Independence And Its New Meaning


Looking back to the past for a while, we know that to be an entrepreneur one had either to own a great deal number of capital or to experience durable practice and knowledge of running a business. Today, there are widely-open opportunities for those who start with a small number of capital. Business trend in Indonesia is dominated by the youths, starting from their hobbies, mostly from lifestyle-based business: clothing, automotive, F & B (coffee, cake, organic food-based culinary), fashion, accessories, also tour and travel. The exploratory freedom and time management flexibility become the main reason why the youths choose to be new business doers. This is supported by our survey done last June. Educational background which is far from business and economy and the not-yet-deep experience are obstacles they can bravely tackle.


Our republic independence dynamics opens broad chances to internalize what independence really is - in the context of starting and running business. The fact that being an entrepreneur means having full access to do whatever your passion is. This becomes an allure for today’s Indonesian youths. The freedom leads to the autonomy of earning for a living (income), self actualisation, interest fulfillment, time management flexibility. Besides, they can also contributive by providing some vacancies, they deal with tough-yet-challenging stuff to make sure that revenue and omzet system keep running, and they manage their capital, both asset and human capital. For those who worship freedom, being an entrepreneur is a way to rule against the world, to really live in independence.

Running A Business Is A Liberating Choice


A whole life liberation, or freedom, becomes a new meaning of ‘independence’ for business doers. In other words, the youths (read: business doers) take sufficient control of what they choose and the solution they seek for to tackle their business challenges. The authority in running a business is there from the very beginning; and it’s as basic instinct of humans with survival as their nature. 

Although departing from various perspectives, characteristics and dynamics of business development, business doers have the determination to struggle for their choice. They realize that diversity is their provision to grow. Here are some examples of the the perspectives:


“It’s human primitive nature to dislike control and to prefer freedom. Choosing to run a business is in line with that nature. We’re free to direct the business core and business goal, we’re free financially, and we’re free to arrange our 24/7 time. For me, I feel a true freedom in running my own business; this is my whole life freedom.”

Arkhan Wicaksono

Visual Strategist / Business Doer



“It’s a brave choice to own and run a business. You become the decision maker of whatever you want to achieve. You are in charge more than “just” work for other person or other company. Furthermore, you get an opportunity to totally contributive in giving solution which meet what society needs.”

Maria Putri

Content Specialist / Business Doer


No matter how abundant or little the supporting element of a business is, does not always determine your business journey. A business, micro, medium, or big, indeed is a business. It’s an independent choice which is liberating and confining at the same time. Liberating means give you full access in directing your business core and goal, but is confining by responsibility to manage the resources. However, this brave choice results in some sorts of smart solution for what the society needs.