Social media is supposedly the most promising media utilized by various brand owners from varying scales, shapes, products and services all thanks to the massive use of social media which amassed millions of Indonesian users. Likewise, social media and online networking development significantly affect market behavior namely in making buying decision. Compared to the printed and broadcast media which only deliver one-way information, netizens are able to obtain and spread information high and low. Imagine the potential of social media for promoting and marketing.

Few are able to effectively work social media out for an effective marketing. Here, we present you myths and facts around the usage of social media to develop brand awareness down to promotion.

1. Myth: Use as many platforms available

Fact: Each social media platform offers unique function. Choose a platform most familiar to your target market for an effective usage. You may use Facebook to assemble a community using various media. Twitter, on the other hand, is prominent for its real-time tweets.

2. Myth: Loads of follower means loads of customer

Fact: There are generally two driving factor for someone to follow your account: an expression of loyalty and the craving for information.

Huge number of followers doesn’t guarantee you high sales. An educative, interactive, informative and (surely) promotional post which reinforces brand awareness is more significant. Wide brand awareness would induce your followers to be customer as your gateway to go viral.

3. Myth: Funny and promotional contents are more appealing

Fact: Assorted contents are more attractive than the uniform ones. The rapid trend of social media demands a distinct strategy in content management to keep your audience captivated. Funny and promotional contents are still needed to keep your brand in line with the latest trend, just be sure to balance them with informative and interactive contents.

4. Myth: Let your customer know you have various products by changing your display every so often

Fact: Changing display, specifically avatar time and again will keep your followers from associating with your brand. Change your display on a special event or within a certain period.  Use a representative display which can boost your brand image.

5. Myth: Post as frequently as possible to attract customer

Fact: Some social media platforms support frequent posting, nonetheless customers may find flood posts annoying. Post only at the right moment, for example you can post a a sequence of tweets during peak hours.

6. Myth: Single admin maintains better promotion consistency

Fact: As long as your administrators are on the ball with your brand philosophy and capable in conducting it in your social media accounts as well as consistently conveying it to customers, you may well employ more than only one admin.

7. Myth: Buzzers effectively boost your promotion

Fact: There is still no scientific proof when it comes to buzzers’ significance in marketing. Some customers even prefer the testimonies from their closest ones rather than public figures’ promotion. Put top notch quality and service on your priority before asking a buzzer to aid you with promotion.

8. Myth: Never give room for haters on your social media accounts

Fact: Blocking or banning fellow users on social media due to having different arguments would only lead to customers loathing you. Basically, social media is only a tool to measure public sentiment; hence dodging negative sentiments is not an option. Face negative feedbacks calmly. Ask haters to discuss their problems together for a solution.

Social media is indeed low cost high impact promotion media which facilitate you to gather customers in low budget, but keep in mind that it is only a device. In the end, a sound marketing strategy is the one keeping your promotion from going off the mark or gnawing back at you. Building brand awarenessthrough social media needs consistency both in updating and in delivering your content.

Have a smart branding day!