Let us congratulate Yogyakarta branding squad for the about-to-be-official logo in the last March 7. The logo design is widely praised due to its elegance and dexterity in capturing the city’s philosophy and image as part of the city’s branding campaign. The revitalization and optimistic expression are a honor for the citizens of Yogyakarta.

Now on to city branding. The term is somewhat unfamiliar to many, since most people identify branding concept with corporates and their products?yes even some authority are still unaware of its tenor. As a matter of fact, branding is not a corporate privilege, and you it’s effectual for almost everything: from individuals on a lesser scale to states on a broader scale. As a matter of fact, place branding is originally a pretty renowned concept applied in many regions such as Paris and San Francisco. Literally, it’s the application of branding techniques to a certain geographic region with no difference to conventional branding campaign application.

So what is the kernel of city branding? Attaching a brand to your city means to ‘dress up’ your city by embedding certain brand identity and brand values for the city. Specifically, it summarize the city’s identity into a clamoring artwork which incorporates a logo and/or an icon with a specific name and tagline as their new brand identity. It serves as a differentiation with other regions especially for those having specific interests and economic significance. For public and venture capitalist, it’s a significant benefit in determining destination, be it for business or travel.


"Bottom line, city branding or country branding for that matter is more than a promotion tool as well as citizen’s identity and even unification media. It demonstrates lifestyle and the collaboration within the elements of the city as a unique selling point."


A city’s brand identity is a distinguished identity which empowers the city as the epitome of a more progressive internal development in order to gain more public trust. Wider positive sentiment in turn will gain more people interested to work, live and even invest in the region, alleviating regional developments in multiple sectors.

In Yogyakarta (or its popular nickname, Jogja), citizen branding campaign was initiated by Rembug Jogja Brief as crowdsourcing mediator for tagline and logo engineering. The campaign was prudently planned and executed in multiple stages in order to accommodate Yogyakarta citizens as the legatee of Jogja to establish their own city’s brand value. As the tagline, ‘istimewa’ (in English: ‘outstanding’), implies, Yogyakarta is an outstanding city. Be it about the government, tourism, up to its bureaucracy which was said to be more user-friendly and less intricate compared to other cities. When value internalization is accomplished, the city brand is taken further to public domain. You can wrap it up in daily merchandise, varying from postcards, tote bags, to t-shirt. Yogyakarta local authority also exemplifies the city branding campaign by promoting student-travels to Jogja.

It was an immense step in establishing it’s positioning world-wide, especially with the cooperation from the authority in founding related institutions, providing infrastructures and organizing events. Today, netzens refer to Yogyakarta as a wondrous city with plenty of captivating cultural attraction.

Henceforth, we proudly congratulate the new frontispiece of Yogyakarta as its honored citizen and part of the beautiful livelihood of Yogyakarta.