Branding process is initiated by a specific and strategic creative idea to achieve brand recognition, brand awareness, customer sales up to customer loyalty and materialized through a strong attachment between the supporting components. Branding process entails optimizing products and services offered by brand owners through visual and verbal approaches, management, including monitoring and evaluating.


"A well and systematic planning for these factors is the most efficient approach towards brand equity."


Branding process is acknowledged by employing different components integrated into the work. Those individual components are constructed through specific competence for specific functions. Such specifications belong to different experts in different fields, be it in branding agency or individuals. They are experts in strategic planning, visual and graphic whiz, and marketing and management professionals. Holistic and sustainable cooperation among each components ensures an ideal branding process; detailed exploration for each component fused together for an all-inclusive output. Today, we recognize this branding process or marketing communication process as integrated marketing communication.

Lastly, branding process is feasible when brand owners are willing to cooperate with brand specialistswith different expertise. Brand specialists generate a harmony in the work field towards an ideal branding process, meanwhile brand owners are the main actors who provide intended customers with products and services. It goes without saying that the goal is a strong brand equity maintained with good management.