We are The Ludens, a diverse team of creatives who love to play to evolve.

We are the strategy creators helping you and your brand define better ways to grow. We move differently by challenging you and your brand to break the barriers, think beyond ordinary to earn extraordinary.

We are deeply engaged and professional with our work - each with unique talents and special expertise in branding and strategies. It is kind of passion that proves sustainably successful reaching your goals.


We interpret your brand vision and brand strategy.

We help you to discover your brand's most powerful and authentic narrative. We do extract your brand's potential keys and translate them into long-term values for your business.

At BASIC|LUDO, we are strategic experts and creative explorers committed to build compelling of verbal, visual and channel strategies. We help you to set a concise of bold and ingenius that makes your brand vision a reality.


Intuitive Approach

We attain a complete understanding that enables you to know about your brand's current position, values and key messages. The collaboration between us begins with our natural curiousities and foresight to build your brand's role in people's life.

Insight Architects

The core element of creating foundation for the brand's strategy is to discover potential in every inch of your brand. We define and refine your brand's uniqueness with our insights and experiences.


Growing your authentic brand story through creative interpretation. Our ability to see things differently leads us to craft your unique and memorable brand that is, of course, compelling.